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Tag: Korean

Two pronunciations now accepted for ‘gimbap’

Gimbap (김밥, in the Revised Romanization of Korean) or kimbap (in McCune–Reischauer romanization) is a Korean dish made of rice and other ingredients rolled up in dried seaweed. The Korean name 김밥 literally means ‘laver rice’, from 김 [ɡ̊iːm] (‘laver, a type of edible seaweed’) and 밥 [b̥ap] (‘cooked rice’). Until recently, the only recognized standard pronunciation of 김밥 was [ɡ̊iːm.bap]. Standard Korean is theoretically based on the contemporary speech used in Seoul by refined folk, and according to that definition, [ɡ̊iːm.bap]…

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Satirical bilingual pun poem in Classical Chinese and Korean

The seismic political scandal surrounding South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye and her friend Choi Soon-sil has inspired a remarkable piece of bilingual wordplay in the form of a satirical poem in Classical Chinese which, when read in Korea’s traditional hanja readings, results in a poem in Korean with a different meaning. The text, which originally appeared on Korea University’s 대나무숲 (meaning ‘bamboo forest’) Facebook page (a forum for anonymous submissions from students), consists of five-character lines, following a popular form of…

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