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Korean website coming soon

Update: The Korean-language website has been launched at

I have known for a long time that I needed a website of my own in Korean if I wanted to discuss properly the subject of transcribing different languages into the Korean alphabet. While I am actively writing posts on my Facebook page dedicated to this topic, the format is far too limited for any in-depth analysis.

I knew I wanted somewhere I can discuss each of the rules for different languages in a systematic way, but I also knew that it would be hard work to put together such a website. These past few months, I have finally been putting in the work, and now I am almost ready to launch the website.

What can you expect? Well, there is a section stating the current Loanword Transcription Rules (외래어 표기법), to which I add some commentary here and there. Next, there is a section where I expound on my own proposals for transcribing certain languages including Lao, Arabic, and Latin. I’ve been storing my proposals for Lao on this website, but it is not a great fit at the moment because this website is in English while my proposals are in Korean.

There is also a mini-dictionary of transcription examples, which I hope will be easy to search. At the moment, the examples are mostly in Arabic and Lao, because they have already been prepared for the aforementioned proposals.

The plan for the future is to build on this and add more commentary on the current rules, more proposals for different languages, and more transcription examples. Now that I’ve figured out how to build a website to include all this, I will slowly but surely add more content so that the new website would be a useful resource for anyone curious about transcribing different languages into the Korean alphabet.

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