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The name ‘kkeutsori’ is the romanization of 끝소리, the name under which I have been writing a blog about languages in Korean since 2008. Nowadays, I mostly post on my Facebook page. 끝 kkeut [kɯt] means ‘end’ and 소리 sori [so.ɾi] means ‘sound’, and the compound 끝소리 kkeutsori [kɯɾi] (the [t] in 끝 kkeut assimilates to [s] or glottalizes to [ʔ] instead of producing an affricate sequence [ts] with the following sound) refers to the syllable coda in Korean.

Some of the content here might be English versions of posts originally published in my Korean blog. The question of how to transcribe terms from other languages into hangul, the Korean alphabet, is a frequent subject matter.